Traffic Monsoon is a Revenue Sharing Site.
You Can Make Money With It.


What is Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon is an advertising and revenue sharing company which provides advertising mainly for a way to earn money online.

It is world wide so anyone can join and make money and advertise with Traffic Monsoon. 

Traffic Monsoon is a Pay To Click, Traffic Exchange and Revenue Sharing Website. It is one of the highest paying PTC sites at the moment.


Can You Make Money With Traffic Monsoon?

Below are the ways you can make money with Traffic Monsoon.

  1. Paid to Click:
  2. Traffic Exchange:
  3. Revenue Sharing:
  4. 100% Referral Commissions:
  5. 10% commissions:

With Paid To Click you can make money as a free member or paid member in Traffic Monsoon.

You get cash links during the day and view the ad for the required time you get paid.

It’s not much but you can earn $0.001, $0.005, $0.01, $0.02.

Traffic Monsoon Cash Links

With Traffic Exchange you get 1 credit for 2 traffic ad views.  You can use the credits to advertise your own business for Free.

Start Surfing Button Traffic Monsoon

You can advertise your website free, just click the Start Surfing button and view ads for the reqired time.


Revenue Sharing is the way to earn money by investing money into Traffic Monsoon.  

You buy an Adpack which costs $50, that gives you 1,000 ad credits and 20 banner clicks, plus $5.00 return on investment.  

If you buy an Adpack for $50, you will get back $55.

If have to surf 10 ads per day and view them for the required time to get the $55 back and it can take 55 days as you get about $1 per day profit sharing.


You get 100% Referral Commissions on all people that you refer and who click on the cash links. So if someone you refer makes $.10 you will make $.10.

You also get 10% commissions on all purchases by people that you refer so if they buy an Adpack for $50 then you will make $5.


Traffic Monsoon is the Third Step in the 3 Step Plan
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Traffic Monsoon is the Third Step in the 3 Step Plan
Take The Third Step Now.

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