Four Corners Alliance Group

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4 Corners Alliance Group-How It Works?

  • 4 Corners Alliance Group uses a 4 by 6 forced matrix.
  • You pay $18 to join which is a one time fee.
  • With the $18 you purchase the First Level which is $10.
  • When you have 4 people under you the earning will be $4 for each person so the total will be $16.
  • With the $16 you purchase the next level for $10.
  • When the 4 people under you have 4 people under them you will earn $4 for each person which will be $64.
  • This contiues but the product cost increases as does the payout per prson.
  • The image below explains.

four corners alliance compensation plan

Plus 100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions

4 Corners Alliance Group pays  100% on sponsor’s instant commisions.

When a member that you sponsor into the business receives an instant commission from anyone in their downline, you get a 100% match bouns!

Monthly Subscription Compensation Plan.

4 Corners pays you for the monthly commissions on the Monthly Newsletter subscriptions plus on Starien subscriptions.

You also earn 100% commissions from every member in your downline that is subscribed to either of these.

The Monthly Subscription Compensation Plan is below:

Starien-vs-Newsletter Plan

Four Corners is a forced matrix, so you will get spillover from your upline.

This is the First Step in the 3 Step Plan.

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The Four Corners
Compensation Plan Overview Video

The AMAZING Power of 4 Corner’s
100% Matching Commission Video

This is the First Step in the 3 Step Plan.

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